In a post on Twitter, the streaming platform stated that from today Netflix members in Poland will have access to two games through the app on Android devices. They are Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3, both developed by US outfit BonusXP.

The appointment of Mike Verdu as vice president of game development confirmed the expansion of Netflix in a letter to shareholders stating that the first titles set for launch will be on mobile devices. Netflix has started to enter the games space with several shows based on gaming IP, such as upcoming animated series based on League of Legends and Tomb Raider.

There will be no adverts or in-app purchases and access to future games will be included in a standard Netflix subscription, however, the addition of games provides the company with more leverage to increase subscription prices in the future.

In the past, Netflix has released video game-like experiences via the platform, such as interactive decision-based shows Minecraft: Story Mode and Black Mirror Bandersnatch. Users are able to take part in these activities across several devices, including mobile phones. 

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, a collaboration between Netflix and Next Games, is currently in soft launch and expected to be released later this year following delays.