The blockchain game craze is showing signs of a strong flare-up along with the rebound of the virtual currency market. Blockchain games are known as games built on the blockchain, where players create their own unique virtual items (NFTs) and sell them for profit.

Such types of blockchain games are therefore also known as play-to-earn ones. Players will try hard in the game to sell virtual items for virtual money, then sell virtual money on cryptocurrency exchanges and then exchanged them for real money.

Here are the notable blockchain game projects with a clear development roadmap today: 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. This game has been out since the beginning of 2018 and started to create an impressive community from the end of 2020 after a long time of testing features.

From the beginning of 2021, along with the booming cryptocurrency craze, Axie Infinity continuously attracted attention in the Asian region, exploring in July. The joy of raising virtual pets in Axie increased rapidly, which led to the increasing virtual currency of this game Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) in value by 300% in a few days and peaked at $52 on July 27. 

Currently, Axie Infinity has approximately 600,000 players per day (DAU) and about 1 million players per month (MAU). AXS coin currently holds a value of 42 USD with a capitalization of about 2.6 billion USD.

Going forward, the Axie Infinity development team intends to open tournaments, attract streamers and build an eSports community in a roadmap of 5 years. 


Before the exploration of Axie Infinity, Decentraland was the name that attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community. This game is created as a 3D virtual world where players live in a rather interesting miniature society.

Gamers can buy land, go to casinos, listen to music, attend seminars, shop… with a virtual currency called Mana. Decentraland is also the game that set a record for selling a piece of virtual land for more than $ 900,000.

The appeal of this game opened an opportunity in cooperating between Atari and Decentraland to build a virtual city of Vegas City in the game. Coca-Cola also conducts sales of virtual collections in the city.

At the time of its release in 2017, the virtual currency Mana used to be worth only 0.01 USD. Currently, the coin is priced at $0.7 with a market capitalization of $1.2 billion and attracts about 10,000 players a day. 

The Sandbox

Tested at the end of 2020, The Sandbox is a mobile version blockchain project launched in 2012.

With this new version, The Sandbox brings a 3D virtual world where players are free to build things and trade them on the market with their own virtual currency called Sand. This coin is valued at $0.6 with a market capitalization of $452 million recently.

The Sandbox aims to build a free open world where players are content creators, similar to Minecraft with each world being a different playstyle. 

So the most important part of this project is building the Game Maker toolkit (already available) to support the creation of countless games on the ‘mother’ platform The Sandbox in the future.

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