Rewarded Video Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads:

Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: We can observe a notable rise in the eCPM during April, and it gets pretty much stable through the second quarter of 2021.

Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: In some mature countries, eCPMs are as high as on iOS. Some even higher. It is possible that iOS 14.5 and the new user-privacy policies may have caused some redistribution on the marketing budgets of some companies.

Rewarded Video Ad ECPM in June: In both platforms, most markets show a small decrease. This is a common trend in the mobile ad industry. Some app & gaming companies have been optimizing their marketing budget and A/B testing ads to be ready for the summer sales.

Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Emerging Markets: Brazil stands out for its strong eCPM fluctuations. The country seems to have settled as a place to soft-launch apps and it’s getting more attention.

Rewarded video Ad eCPM in China: The Asian country is keeping its ground on iOS. After the strong fall we saw in December 2020, it seems that it is slowly recovering, and we may expect another raise in the following months.

Monthly Evolution of Rewarded Video eCPMs in Mature & Emerging Countries:

Worldwide Charts of eCPM of Rewarded Video Ads:

Full-Screen Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games [Update Q2’2021]

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads:

Full-Screen eCPM Overview: Similar to the Rewarded Video Ads, we can see a common trend of mobile businesses optimizing their eCPMs in June. There may be a correlation between the decrease on iOS vs. the increase on Android, and how it is parallel to the release of iOS 14.5.

Full-screen eCPM on iOS: All the mature countries seem to fall down in the last half quarter. Emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia get better eCPMs. App publishers seem to bet on alternative markets on the iOS platform.

Full-Screen eCPM in Android: English speaking markets (such as USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland) have kept growing since the last quarter, and have established themselves in the Top-10. Also, emerging countries have claimed up too and we may expect that their eCPMs keep increasing for the next quarter.

Monthly Evolution of Full-Screen eCPMs in Mature & Emerging Countries:

Worldwide Charts of eCPM of Full-Screen (Interstitial) Ads:

Banner Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games [Update Q2’2021]

Key Insights of Banner Ads:

Banner eCPM Android: eCPMs on Android seem to follow a very similar trend: a stable start and a high bump at the end of the quarter.

Banner eCPM on iOS: However, on iOS things are way more complex. Emerging countries rise, mature markets tend to fall. China falls up to 50% of its price. We recommend you check the market your app is focused on, and tweak your monetization accordingly.

Banner eCPM in the US: It is quite remarkable the trend in the USA. In both platforms, we observe a positive growth on the eCPM, and the trend seems to point out that it will keep its trajectory. You can expect high eCPMs from this market for your mobile apps and games.

Banner eCPM in Russia: Another remarkable country where we can appreciate a high rise in the eCPMs. iOS seems to present an interesting opportunity for RU/CIS-based apps and games.

Monthly Evolution of Banner eCPMs in Mature & Emerging Countries:

Worldwide Charts of eCPM of Banner Ads:

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