For both publishers and advertisers, the programmatic buying advantages have been well stated. It enables us to optimize sales, streamline operations and provide useful data to improve the overall buying process. This is why it’s one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry, with more than 85% of all advertisers and 72% of all publishers embracing it. Now is a break down of what you can benefit from using this new advertising method.

  1. Programmatic buying advantages
    Programmatic buying helps you save a lot of unnecessary impression, therefore save your money

    Cost effective – We have user data forehand which helps in purchasing each impression as per targeting required and this saves a lot of unnecessary impression. Though the impression served are based out of data the chances of conversation or required outcome is more thereby affecting the ROI positively.

  2. The programmatic purchase create value, efficiency and performance for advertising market.
  3. Better targeting of consumers – Programmatic buying enables advertisers to target the right audience in the right environment.
  4. Transparency – Transparency on the inventory bought provide additional reassurance to advertisers that their brand equity is preserved.
  5. Better monitoring of campaigns – You can always run your campaigns as per you need , easily adjusted as per plan.

    Programmatic buying advantages
    Programmatic buying has reduced a lot of manual approach
  6. Quick catch – Programmatic buying helps connect advertisers with audience faster and smarter, on any device and any channel in milliseconds
  7. Advertisers benefit from the improved performance of their campaigns and higher their productivities.
  8. Efficient buying platform – Real fact of programmatic is that it has reduce a lot of manual approach and also has cut down the unnecessary middleman from the ad buying process. Unnecessary negotiation on pricing, positioning is no more a part of programmatic buying which saves a lot of time and of course money too.
  9. The rapid expansion of programmatic have led to better organize the practice of digital sector without making any compromise on the imperative transparency, responsible regulation is possible for the benefit of all market players and the future of this burgeoning sector.
  10. Inventories are becoming more and more qualitative – To every best thing it takes time so did programmatic took, but now it’s functioning full-fledged. Initially publishers or advertisers were reluctant at first but slowly they started to invest with smaller budget and now they can see benefits out of it, similarity publishers see better earning and started to participate more via RTB thereby leading to qualitative inventories for advertisers.
  11. For publishers, the programmatic is a real opportunity, sometimes a salvation – Some publishers quickly understood the interest of programmatic effect to promote their inventories and came together to create large market places and achieve critical mass and some still need to be educated about its potential which we all
    Programmatic buying advantages
    Programmatic is real opportunity for publishers.

    are sure soon will happen. The effectiveness of RTB campaigns allows publishers to revalue digital advertising. The display average CPM increased by a good percentage than before leading to much more earning and is supposed to go higher in coming time.

  12. Programmatic performance is recognized by advertisers – The programmatic purchase allows advertisers to better target their prospects or customers. Indeed, the algorithms are becoming increasingly fast and pointing the integrating data sets – first party or third party – is increasingly important. The technology has gone far better, today companies collect the users data beforehand by using their predictive models thus enabling the precise or accurate targeting. The Leads captures are more qualified, the conversation is coming at lower cost than traditional purchase basically helping advertisers in better ROI which makes them more satisfied.

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