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Social media trends in 2017

Social media trends that will dominate in 2017

1. Live Video is one of the most trendy social media trends Facebook Live, Youtube Live,... is no new to us but Live video is still in the infant...
Amazon Go

Amazone Go has just made your shopping dream come true

Imagine a store where you walk in, grab what you need, and just walk out. The Amazon Go grocery store which is at it's testing stage in...
digital advertising creativity

How to get ready with digital advertising creativity

1.Digital advertising creativity - It’s about time In the future, we will add another dimension to our creative executions — that of time. For the most part today, time...
rush less feel more

This Ad reminds us to slow down this Valentine’s day

Ahead of Valentine’s Day Galaxy has unveiled a modern take on classic love stories reminding us to rush less and make time for pleasure. Teaming up with AMV...
Growth hacking

Growth rate – How to increase it in 2017

Growth is a high-priority for many businesses. After all, growth and expansion opens up further opportunities for revenue. By paying focus on growth-hacking strategies such as optimizing...
Creating brand emotional appeal needs great online content

Make your brand thrive with great online content

When I last worked in the ad industry, George W. Bush was president, tweets were something you heard in the park and Yahoo was – actually, Yahoo...
ecard christmas

Best sites that help create an ecard for your client this Christmas

I can feel that Christmas is in the air. Before you leave your desk for this year holiday season, make sure that your partners have received your greeting....
Cross channel marketing

How to create an effective Cross-Channel Marketing strategy

Cross-Channel Marketing focuses on integrating multiple channels to reach out to and engage with targeted audience. This approach requires orchestrating multiple touch-points of customer interaction - from...
programmatic marketing

Programmatic Marketing: What is it?

Programmatic marketing is seen as the future of advertising on the web, with Google targeting 60% of digital advertising budgets spent on Programmatic by next year. According...
Mobile marketers measuring ROI

It’s time for mobile marketers to start measuring ROI

When apps exploded into our lives almost a decade ago, and mobile marketing was in its infancy, the install was the KPI and marketers were measured by...

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